Enterprise Reincarnation

There was time when with word Change corporate world or social fabric used to disconnect and get afraid. It propagates to Transformation and everyone has accepted that it is must without even understanding that it means Dramatic Change, Extreme Radical Change or change in to a different thing.

There has been always a question my mind change or transform to what? So this is a process without destination. In search of this answer conceptualized the enterprise as under

As shown in figure, Company, Business and Founder/Leaders interrelationship forms Enterprise — a composite entity for world. However as depicted intersection of all three defines the personality of Enterprise.

Answer found to the question is we need Enterprise Reincarnation. Agenda of Reincarnation is obviously to achieve personality which can offer Business Supremacy to create, nurture and leave legacy for generations to come in form of money, name, fame, purpose or something identified as wealth.

Enterprise personality emerges from identity of Founder / Leader’s personal Brand, Company’s Brand and Business’s Product/Service Brand. It calls for connecting Body-Spirit-Mind model to Enterprise as entity. Enneagram Model of Personality helps as base framework to align all three brand identities culminating into a new personality of Enterprise.

Company as a component is body and we need to achieve Failproof, Foolproof, Futureproof identity through creating a firewall for failure to fail future failure with framework to act to fail failure before Failure act on you. Company is vehicle for Business and need to set right the vehicle, fuel the vehicle, and engage the drivers of vehicles to a level that a new speed, momentum and comfort is felt in travelling in the vehicle.

Business as Spirit (soul) need to have Clean and Healed Aura. Chakras are the gates which offers a channel to receive and transmit energy to/fro ecosystem.

Founders and/or Leaders as Mind in the model need to Proselytize. Aura Chakra’s healing and cleansing starts from here as mind has meaning making mechanism which cannot be deactivated. Founder / Leaders are behind the bar, in a virtual cage and unfortunately, they are not able to see those bars and they remain imprisoned by abundance set of polished low value task series.

Creative Destructions are the way for Re-Incarnation which bring Glow & Growth to Company, Success to Business and Peace to Founders/Leaders.